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Rainier Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, full service, wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients pursue their dreams.  This premise is built around three key elements:  TRUST, COUNSEL, ATTAIN.

Serving clients requires TRUST. This is a word that we take very seriously. It is a word that is built on strength, character, and integrity, along with years of experience. We founded this company after working more than 20 years with Seafirst Bank, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch.

Advice, guidance, and COUNSEL is the foundation at Rainier Wealth Management, LLC. The best financial planning occurs after TRUST has been established so that counsel can be given and received. Honest, open, two-way dialogue is the hallmark of the counsel that we provide.

Rainier Wealth Management, LLC is dedicated to steering every client to ATTAIN their goals and dreams. This happens through the comprehensive and customized financial planning process.

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